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Checklist for Hotel Checkout

Everyone has experienced losing important items or personal belongings at some time in their life. A hotel visit is no different in that the checkout process can sometimes be hurried and rushed, ultimately resulting in something becoming lost or misplaced. With that said, following a few simple checklist items can go a long way in making sure that the checkout process is smooth, organized and successful.

Prepare For The Checkout Phase
Perhaps one of the most important elements of a successful checkout process is simply to not pack in a hurry. Packing in a slow and methodical way can go a long way in ensuring that nothing gets left behind or misplaced. Always provide yourself with ample time to pack and prepare for the checkout phase of your trip. Laying everything out on one of the hotel beds and taking an inventory of all items is usually a good strategy. As an added bonus, most hotels will allow for a late checkout if extra time is required.

One Last Sweep
Another important consideration with regard to an effective checkout process is to always thoroughly check and inspect the room prior to leaving. Doing a complete and total sweep of a room more than one time can help to guarantee that no personal items are left behind. This includes checking all draws, nightstands, closets and other areas. Even the refrigerator and under the bed should be inspected prior to leaving a room. One last sweep can even be performed as you are exiting the room. By literally placing luggage and bags in the doorway and doing one final sweep, anything that has been missed can be recovered.

Send A Positive Message Upon Checkout
Finally, it is always a good idea to make tipping part of the checkout process. Leaving a modest tip behind for housekeeping is a great way to let these hard-working individuals know that they did a great job. Cleaning a room and throwing away all trash while neatly stacking used hotel towels is another great way to send a positive message upon checkout. These simple tips and ideas can go a long way in making the hotel checkout experience far less stressful and much more rewarding. Contact Hotel Ruidoso today to learn more about the many options available for quality hotel accommodations while visiting Ruidoso, New Mexico.